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SIDEXIS 4 Software

THE NEW STANDARD IN CLINICAL Diagnosis & Patient Communication

SIDEXIS 4 is the software for clear diagnoses, optimized workflow and enhanced patient communication. It efficiently structures your workflow in its modern and intuitive design and serves as a basis for further planning and diagnosis. The principle of SIDEXIS 4 is to make all visual data available at a glance. Switching to other programs is minimized so you have the optimum basis for diagnosis.


SIDEXIS 4 Software functions as a central hub for the integration of any and all diagnostic imaging data obtained by the dental team. It allows for the assimilation of data in a single, simplified software platform, enabling clinicians to visually present pertinent patient information in a single, unified environment.


All diagnostic imaging tools are directly accessible via the SIDEXIS 4 software, utilizing an intuitive, icon-driven menu system. The software follows a logical workflow pattern to efficiently and effectively guide the clinician through each step in the treatment process.


SIDEXIS 4 Software is open to all major image formats, readily accepting files obtained by intraoral, _panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, 2D and 3D CBCT systems, intraoral cameras, FaceScanner, _and more.


Images in various formats can be easily imported and displayed in a single environment at their highest resolution. SIDEXIS 4 allows groupings of high quality images (from as many sources as necessary) in a way that facilitates diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as communication with patients, staff, the laboratory, and other specialists.


The principle of SIDEXIS 4 is to make all visual data available at a glance. Switching to other programs is minimized so you have the optimum basis for diagnosis.

No more switching between programs and different screens! With the SIDEXIS 4 “Lightbox” feature, you can now view digital x-rays, CBCT scans, intraoral, pan-ceph, and FaceScan images on the same screen at the same time. Side-by-side objective anatomical comparisons have never been easier: Simply drag and drop two or more images onto the screen—even 3D images can be used interactively in this view. SIDEXIS 4 also provides workflow guidance throughout case progression, so you always know where _you are, where you’ve been, and what’s next in the clinical workflow.

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Key Functionality

SIDEXIS 4 provides a number of important functions for patient acquisition, image management, analysis, diagnosis, patient communication and a simple transfer of images. The most commonly used tools are particularly visible and easy to find allowing you to work intuitively.

SIDEXIS 4 features a number of unique functions:

Plan with confidence, treat with certainty

  • Filter and image processing for improving the evaluation process and patient communication (automatic, individually configured filters can be set up to save even more time)
  • Measurement and annotation tools
  • Workflow integration for images from Sirona units (X-ray units, treatment centers, interoral video cameras, CEREC) and some third-party units
  • Imaging templates for efficient intraoral status imaging
  • Quick and intuitive import
  • Directory monitoring: SIDEXIS 4 monitors a directory in the network for you and imports the data from this directory. Do you use a DSLR camera? Then the integration with SIDEXIS 4 is especially simple.
  • Export in a variety of formats, e.g. DICOM and PDF or as Viewer - quick and easy to generate
  • Remote control of the TENEO treatment unit from Sirona, including the automatic headrest setting and ApexLocator
  • ORTHOPHOS XG 3D Implant add-on for integrated implantology is available
  • Interface for the integration of additional software applications, e.g. patient management

The SIDEXIS 4 digital light box is characterized by its flexibility, displaying all image types seamlessly in one software interface. All 2D, 3D and intraoral images can be processed and viewed at the same time – ensuring all imaging data is available for the diagnostic process. For example, a quick, unproblematic cross-comparison of an intraoral image and a 3D scan is made possible – facilitating your diagnosis and treatment planning process considerably. This intuitive software thus provides the ideal conditions for your diagnosis, from patient consulting to treatment planning and simulation.

The user-friendly "Compare" function is one of the software features where you will ask yourself as a user why this tool hasn’t always been available: Working in the compare window, you can evaluate several images at the same time. For example, the comparison of two panoramic images from two different time periods during treatment becomes easier and more efficient. In fact even several 3D volumes can be linked together to enable a perfect comparison. This function also makes the software very user-friendly, since you no longer have to switch from window to window.

In short: All of the clinically relevant data are easily accessible in one place. This supports treatment planning and clearly displays the treatment progress. Thus you can advise your patient not only more quickly, but in an improved way and with a higher rate of case acceptance.

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