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OPTIGUIDE: Optional Upgrade for ORTHOPHOS XG 3D

Implants as early as the second appointment

Integrated implantology for CEREC users is now even easier, thanks to the new SICAT OPTIGUIDE method for preparing surgical guides. In the past, the dentist had to take a conventional impression in the first session in addition to a CBCT and CEREC scan as the basis for creating an x-ray and surgical guide. The SICAT OPTIGUIDE simplifies and accelerates the process, requiring only a CBCT scan and an optical impression with the CEREC AC.

  • Model and radiographic scan stent no longer required
  • Completely digitized process
  • Safe and economical placement of implants thanks to precise and cost-efficient surgical guides
  • The decision to work with a surgical guide can be made at any time during the planning and consultation process, without requiring another cone beam scan
  • More implants are possible due to greater patient acceptance
  • OPTIGUIDE surgical guides guarantee an accuracy of less than 500┬Ám deviation at the apical end of the implant

What are the benefits?

Patients appreciate accelerated treatment options, and their acceptance of top-quality treatment increases when they realize they can be "back to normal" in both appearance and functionality much sooner with SICAT-guided implant treatment.

  • Using CEREC Bluecam, take a digital impression of the jaw and plan the prosthetics in the CEREC software
  • Using a GALILEOS or ORTHOPHOS XG 3D scan, diagnose the bone condition and integrate the prosthetic suggestion into the x-ray volume
  • Plan the implant and consult with the patient. Send the optical impression and your plans to SICAT and order a surgical guide
  • Implant insertion using SICAT surgical guide
  • Provision of a CEREC temporary prosthesis

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