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(Metal Artifact- Reduction Software)

Look beyond the metal for a better diagnosis

ORTHOPHOS XG 3D now also works in 3D mode with MARS (Metal Artifact-Reduction Software). MARS is an algorithm that automatically detects problematic metal artifacts and eliminates their shadowing and streaks as much as possible. The result is a clear image that makes diagnosis easier. Additionally, MARS optimizes image quality without increasing the radiation dose or work required.

How does MARS reduce the detrimental effects of x-rays that contain metal?
During a three-dimensional image reconstruction, radiopaque objects such as metal create shadows and streaks that make it more difficult to provide an accurate diagnosis. With the help of MARS reconstruction software, metal artifacts are now depicted in a clearly reduced manner in both the near-field and far-field views. MARS reconstruction software is not a simple filter that makes the image look nice; it is a complex algorithm that recalculates the areas immediately beyond the high-density metal areas to reduce extraneous artifacts.


  • MARS makes it possible to provide a diagnosis in areas where it could not be done previously due to metal artifacts
  • MARS reduces the MoirĂ© pattern (interference pattern) and streak formation in the near- and far-fields of the interface
  • MARS reconstructs the data in the shadow, thus looking beyond the interfering object
  • Image looks more appealing to patients
  • Simpler consultations, since communication is clear and easy to understand
  • Interference-free export data also improves the look when DICOM images are exported to 3rd-party software

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