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Endo HD & Standard Modes

Standard or HD mode: The choice is up to you.

The 3D x-ray images generated by the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D are a precise culmination of 200 images captured during one revolution. CBCT scans of patients with a large number of metal restorations require a higher dynamic range of the dose/image quality ratio. For such cases, we have developed the Endo HD mode. During the Endo HD cycle, 500 images are taken. The additional 300 images (compared to Standard mode) allow ORTHOPHOS XG 3D to construct an image that is lower in noise and higher in contrast, which allows for a faster and more reliable diagnosis of the imaged volume.

High-definition volumetric images for accurate and precise endodontic treatment
Endo HD is a 5cm x 5.5cm volume mode with a 100 micron voxel size optimized for the treatment of highly-focused regions of interest. It's ideal for use in endodontics because the dentist is able to achieve an extraordinarily detailed image in a high-resolution voxel size in HD mode.

Volume, dose and image quality optimized for endodontic indications
When the focus is on root canal treatment, the Endo HD option is recommended as it uses a smaller volume—5 cm x 5.5 cm—specifically developed for the treatment of a highly-focused region of interest. This reduces the patient's radiation exposure and saves time when determining the diagnosis.

The 5 cm x 5.5 cm volume is large enough to position the patient so that the entire area of interest is shown in the image, yet small enough to prevent a scanned area from being exposed unnecessarily outside the justifiable region of interest.


  • Quickly and easily switch between Standard and HD mode
  • Precisely measure the immediate proximity to sensitive anatomical structures
  • In cases of infections or root resorption when an improved treatment management or a better survival prognosis of the tooth can be expected, thanks to three-dimensional information
  • In cases of complications in the treatment environment
  • Evaluating atypical root anatomy
  • When root fracture with conventional 2D images (panoramic or intraoral) provides insufficient diagnostic information for determining which treatment method to use

Quickly and easily switch between Standard and HD MODE

The EasyPad touch panel shows whether the HD mode is turned on ("HD on") or whether the standard mode is activated ("HD off"). By touching the display, the dentist can easily switch from one mode to another.

Standard mode and HD mode in comparison:

VOL 1(8cm 0 x 8cm height) VOL 2(5cm 0 x 5.5cm height) NUMBER OF
STANDARD MODE Voxel size 160 µm Voxel size 160 µm 200
HD MODE Voxel size 160 µm Voxel size 100 µm 500

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