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SICAT Air & Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment Planning


SICAT AIR is the first 3D solution to allow not only the analysis of the upper airway but also visualization and planning of the appliance-based treatment true to anatomy. The combination of the patient's 3D x-ray and optical surface data allow for a completely digital workfow.

Analysis, treatment planning and the order of a sleep apnea therapeutic appliance can be done in one single patient session.

  • Automatic segmentation of the airways in 3D allows for direct visualization of constrictions
  • Integrated tools for patient education clarify the need for treatment
  • For the first time, taking the mandibular joints (with corresponding 3D x-ray volumes) into account
  • Integration of CEREC data allows for a purely digital workflow: no physical model is necessary
  • Digital workflow ensures optimal appliance fit, and dramatically reduces the amount of effort required for adjustment and adaptation.

SICAT Air Workflow video thumbnail

SICAT Air Workflow

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SICAT Air Testimonials

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MATRx plusTM* with SICAT Air and OPTISLEEP is a complete 3D solution for the analysis and appliance-based treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The Simple Sleep Solution integrates comparative airway images using a Dentsply Sirona 3D Imaging system and expands the SICAT Air and OPTISLEEP workflow by adding MATRx plus, making it the only solution offering a complete workflow from airway analysis, diagnostics of OSA, oral appliance study, to the treatment of OSA with a custom-fitted oral appliance.

Step 1: Baseline 3D X-ray scan with a Dentsply Sirona 3D X-ray system for upper airway analysis.

MATRx plus system dispensed for at-home sleep test to assist in OSA diagnostics and to predict therapeutic response and target protrusive position for OPTISLEEP appliance.

Step 2: 3D X-ray scan with the patient wearing the MATRx plus titration trays at target position and capturing of the optical surface scan data of the patient’s upper and lower jaw. Subsequent fusion with the 3D data within SICAT Air.

Ordering of OPTISLEEP therapeutic appliance in a completely digital workflow.

Step 3: OPTISLEEP delivery at MATRx plus target and presentation to patient including review of application and care.


SICAT Endo and ACCESSGUIDE: More than 3D – the first dedicated guided endo solution

SICAT ENDO is the first and only 3D solution for the diagnosis and planning of endodontic treatment, which can also support you in the realization of guided root canal treatment.

Your Benefits at a Glance:
You gain confidence thanks to the ability to visualize all canals and treatment plan in 3D:

  • Easy identification of all canals in 3D
  • Exact determination of working length and cavity access depth including outstanding 360°ree; view
  • Integrated optical impressions provide a precise visualization of occlusal reference points

Digital Workflow

Step 1: Using Schick 33 intraoral sensors, in combination with the 3D data from your Dentsply Sirona Imaging System, you can start immediately with diagnostics and treatment planning in SICAT Endo
 thanks to the full integration with Sidexis 4.

Step 2: Identify and diagnose all root canals easily and reliably. Use the cutting-edge visualization options for focused endodontic diagnostics and accurately determine your working length.

Step 3: SICAT Endo supports you with patient consultation by the individual visualization of the patient’s endodontic situation.

Step 4: ACCESSGUIDE is the first and only surgical guide designed specially for orthograde or endodontic treatment for better predictability of treatment, highly accurate surgical guide design and minimally invasive and efficient cavity access.

SICAT Function


SICAT Function is a revolutionary software solution with an integrated 3D workflow. With GALILEOS and SICAT Function, you can use the patient’s 3D Cone Beam scan with their actual recorded jaw motion. This allows for the visualization and a movement-oriented treatment plan. The recorded jaw movement can be visualized and reproduced at any location in the dentition or mandible.

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  • Real condyle-fossa relationship during jaw movement
  • Anatomically correct trajectory
  • Visualize the specific positioning of the trajectory in 3D, as well as a comparison to conventionally used axial points
  • Evaluate the occlusion based on the integrated optical surface scans
  • Conebeam guided restorations thanks to CEREC integration



In one simple chair-side visit, you can transfer, visualize and diagnose anatomically correct, 3D jaw movement thanks to the highly precise recording of the dentition and mandible with SICAT JMT+ (Jaw Motion Tracker).

SICAT JMT+ includes a facebow with integrated receiver modules as well as a perfectly balanced mandibular sensor. The mandibular sensor is extremely lightweight for enhanced patient comfort.

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