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Neal Patel , DDS

At Ohio State University Dr. Patel served as the Implant Prosthodontic Fellow and was responsible for establishing many of the techniques and protocols for Digital Implantology and Prosthetics. Prior to opening his private practice he worked to educate surgeons in the field of 3D-Imaging, Computer Generated Guided Implant Surgery and the art of stereo lithography in dental applications. He teaches successful integration of CBCT in private practice, streamlined clinical treatments, and how to generate additional sources of revenue with ease. He is currently on an international lecture circuit teaching advanced digitization in dentistry, CBCT, its current and future applications, and dental practice management. He practices in Powell, OH.

Speaker Disclosure: The speakers are being compensated by Dentsply Sirona for the 3D Summit presentations, but does not have monetary or other interest(s) with Dentsply Sirona or any other company whose products are discussed in this presentation.