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the ideal x-ray system for most dental applications

  • General practitioners will achieve greater diagnostic accuracy overall for routine‚Ä® cases, and the 3D software provides precise anatomical measurements and the opportunity to evaluate and document incidental findings.
  • Implantologists will benefit from the seamless clinical workflow. With just a few clicks of a mouse, they can perform a complete range of tasks, such as generate X-ray images, perform in-depth diagnostics, treatment plan and order surgical guides.
  • Orthodontists will benefit from high-quality 2D cephalometric images, as well as optimized therapy planning in indications such as unerupted teeth when using the 3D volumetric capabilities.
  • Endodontists will enjoy the ability to instantly view digital images required for endodontic procedures, combined with the crisp, well-defined 3D volumetric images for revealing canal shapes and anatomies, as well as precise measurements for canal depths, widths and apicoectomy procedures.

Prosthetic and surgical planning

Simultaneous prosthetic and surgical planning provides a revolutionary new approach to implantology. For the first time, crown design and the x-ray image are fused together in a single view. This ensures higher safety, fewer work steps, and fewer sessions. The 3D view enables the patient to easily visualize the proposed solution and understand the required treatment steps.

  • 360° rotation around the implant allows you to visualize the placement of the implant as planned
  • Comprehensive implant library allows you to select the implant of your choice
  • Order SICAT surgical guides from the software to place the implant precisely where you planned it


You can order the precise surgical guide directly in the software. The precision of the SICAT surgical guides allows implant placement exactly where planned within the software, thus enhancing your ability to place implants accurately with ease, speed and final outcome that offers maximum convenience to the patient. Additional benefits of ORTHOPHOS & CEREC® Integration:

2D Panoramic Images

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