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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ORTHOPHOS XG 3D share data with CEREC for restorative planning and design?

Yes. The ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system is capable of importing and utilizing restoration files generated by the CEREC 3D and CEREC AC, allowing surgical and prosthetic planning to be performed simultaneously.

Where can I order ORTHOPHOS XG 3D?

For more information on ORTHOPHOS XG 3D and how to order, contact your Sirona authorized dealer or your Sirona Territory Manager. For a list of Sirona authorized dealers, as well as your local Sirona Territory Manager, click the link below.

Who teaches the software and how to read scans?

Included with the purchase of the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is an in-office training session and Advanced User Training. In-office training is done by the local rep, and after you have about 30 scans completed, the training is followed up by a 3D specialist. Advanced User Training is a 2-day program designed to answer all of your clinical questions regarding implant planning, creation of surgical guides, insurance billing, etc. Registration is handled online.

How much space is required for an ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system?

The ORTHOPHOS XG 3D requires a space of 50.4" x 55.6" (1280 mm x 1411 mm).

Will ORTHOPHOS XG 3D integrate with my practice management software?

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with most practice management software, including Eaglesoft, Dentrix and PracticeWorks.

I am not ready for a 3D unit right now, but will need one in the future. What are my options?

The ideal option would be our ORTHOPHOS XG 3D-ready unit. It is essentially a 2D version of the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system that is readily upgradable to 3D when you are ready.

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