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ASTRA (Anatomically STructured Reconstruction Algorithm)

2D images with unprecedented clarity and contrast

The ASTRA software algorithm ensures a marked improvement in the image quality of 2D panoramic and cephalometric images for all ORTHOPHOS XG units. ASTRA (Anatomically STructured Reconstruction Algorithm) generates a well-defined image with higher contrasts and less noise without the appearance of problematic edge artifacts. ASTRA's new image quality provides the ideal basis for a reliable diagnosis.

Diagnose with greater certainty with ASTRA

ASTRA literally means "Anatomically STructured Rconstruction Algorithm." What that means to you is images with high contrast, low noise, sharply defined edges and improved visualization of details without filter artifacts. ASTRA is an innovative image reconstruction algorithm that generates panoramic and ceph images with impressive clarity. ASTRA reduces black edges around metal fillings and optimizes the contrast to help avoid false positive misdiagnoses (such as caries). What you get are the highest quality digital images on the market today—without having to sort through multiple layers of images.

ASTRA benefits at a glance:

  • Highest 2D image quality at the touch of a button
  • Faster, better diagnosis thanks to clearer images
  • Reduce false positive diagnoses of caries on metal margins
  • Persuasive image impression, even for patients
  • Great attention to detail in the field of orthodontic imaging preferences

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