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SICAT Air & Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment Planning**Pending FDA Approval


SICAT Air is the first 3D solution to allow not only the analysis of the upper airway but also visualization and planning of the appliance-based treatment true to anatomy. The combination of the patient's 3D x-ray and optical surface data allow for a completely digital workfow.

Analysis, treatment planning and the order of a sleep apnea therapeutic appliance can be done in one single patient session.

  • Automatic segmentation of the airways in 3D allows for direct visualization of constrictions
  • Integrated tools for patient education clarify the need for treatment
  • For the first time, taking the mandibular joints (with corresponding 3D x-ray volumes) into account
  • Integration of CEREC data allows for a purely digital workflow: no physical model is necessary
  • Digital workflow ensures optimal appliance fit, and dramatically reduces the amount of effort required for adjustment and adaptation.

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