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Orthophos SL: The ideal 3D System for your practice now with 3D I-X Low Dose Mode. Coming Soon. The ideal 3D solution for your practice now includes a new low dose functio

Dentsply Sirona Launches Orthophos SL with 3D I-X Dentsply Sirona Imaging has further enhanced the versatility of its Orthoph

Enhanced Dental Product: Orthophos SL with 3D I-X Dentsply Sirona recently updated the Orthophos SL with 3D I-X Imaging.

Kansas Dentist Sees New Materials Changing Restorations The evolution of restorative dental technologies, materials, and imaging is

A Clinician's Journey into the Third Dimension: Part 3 Implantology The ultimate goal when treating a patient is not just "do no harm" but prov

Creating Surgical Guides for Implant Surgery Using CAD/CAM The workflow for creating a computer-generated surgical guide to be used in

Sirona introduces SICAT Air and OPTISLEEP: The first 3D Solution for the Analysis and Treatment of Sirona Dental Inc., the pioneer of digital dentistry, recently unveiled SIC

Integration of 3D digital technologies offers advantages Today's dental landscape is being influenced and shaped by the integration

A clinician's journey into the third dimension: Part 1 In the first of a multipart series, Dr. Anthony Ramirez details how co

Richard Branson to give keynote address at Siroworld Sir Richard Branson will give the keynote address at Siroworld, Dentsply Si

Patient selection criteria for radiographs Dr. Donald Tyndall, director of radiology for the University of North

Enhancing Clinical Competency with CBCT The Preservation of the Independent Dental Practitioner

Practicing Proactive Dentistry with GALILEOS Comfort PLUS "Sirona Convert" revels in the ability to offer his patients "magic window"

Elevating Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 3D Imaging with GALILEOS can bring your practice to the next level.

GALILEOS: The Quintessence of Modern Dentistry Dr. Neal Patel introduces the GALILEOS CBCT system and describes how it giv

Integrating Three-Dimensional Digital Technologies for Comprehensive Implant Dentistry Dr. Neal Patel illustrates the technique of comprehensive implant dentistry

CT-Guided Implant Surgery: You Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself! Dr. Jay B. Reznick discusses the history of CT-guided implant technology an

CEREC and Implants: Part 3--Producing a CEREC & GALILEOS Temporary Implant In the final part of a 3-part article, Dr. Tarun Agarwal describes how to p

CEREC and Implants: Part 2--CEREC & GALILEOS 3D Workflow In the second of a 3-part article series, Dr. Tarun Agarwal takes a more in

CEREC and Implants: Part 1--Predictable CAD/CAM Implants In the first of a 3-part article series, Dr. Tarun Agarwal introduces the t

"Once You've Tried it, You Can't Drink Anything Else" "Way back in 2005, I was listening to a speaker discuss a new way of placin

3D Summit on Digital Dentistry Sirona Dental Systems (Charlotte, NC) and the Scottsdale Center for Dentist

The Fully Integrated Practice “What a privilege it is to be a dental professional! We are blessed t

GALILEOS Improves Diagnosis and Planning "From my perspective, the more implants I place, the more confidence I have

Talking Cone Beam Dr. Reznick & Dr. Patel discuss 3D cone beam imaging in the practice and ho

Sirona Corporate Profile This Sirona Corporate Profile appeared in Implant Practice US, speaking to

CAD/CAM Expands the Scope of Restorative Dentistry This article provides excellent insight on the integration of CEREC and GAL

CEREC® Newspaper This 6-page supplement discusses and describes how CEREC and GALILEOS have

Utilize Milled Chairside Abutments Using e.max crowns with CEREC 4.2 and GALILEOS on a two-unit immediate mola

Striving for Perfection by Dr. Tim Finkler The theme of the upcoming AAE meeting in Washington, DC, is “Striving

Comfort Plus: the most efficient clinical workflow in dentistry This high-end CBCT unit with HD scan mode guarantees the highest image qual

Economics of Digital Implant Placement Modern practices that thrive are practices that offer a scope of services t

CAD/CAM and 3-D Vision It is well known that I hang my hat on CBCT. With the introduction of CBCT

Dr. Koo Compendium September Article Sirona systems provide the "vision" to optimize dental implant treatment.

The Case For Digital Radiography How today's systems tip the balance in favor of going digital.

Benefits of Sirona's ORTHOPHOS XG 3D System Extend Far Beyond Implantology

Contemporary Dental CAD/CAM Modern Chairside/Lab Applications and the Future of Computerized Dentistry

No Turning Back From 3D to 2D imaging

An Interview with Richard Cooper, DDS A personal experience with digital technology in the dental office.

Digitally Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration TestAchieving precision and predictability in advanced alveolar defects