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GALILEOS Technology

One Scan provides every detail

As the first comprehensive 3D digital diagnostic and treatment solution, GALILEOS combines X-ray imaging, visualization, diagnosis, planning and surgical guide implementation into an integrated and time-saving process. A single 14-second scan is all that is required to provide all of the clinical views necessary for making informed diagnoses and confident treatment plans from start to finish.

Plan with confidence, treat with certainty

  • Diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications
  • Fast diagnosis provides certainty in treatment of asymptomatic conditions
  • High-contrast mode for ideal hard-tissue display without increasing X-ray dosage
  • Treatment security due to visualization of incidental findings
  • Reduces follow-up examinations

GALILEOS Comfort plus offerS an ideal solution for any practice.

The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS with selectable HD mode expands Sironas’s 3D unit family as off now, to offer you the right solution for every type of diagnostic requirement. Each and every one of our units provides the best image quality with the lowest dose and a perfect workflow. As a premium provider with more than 100 years of x-ray expertise, we also guarantee particularly high-quality, long-lasting and reliable products.

Key Features

Greater Maxillofacial Volume Display provides the specialist practice (implantologist/oral surgeon) with a larger view of pertinent hard and soft tissue details and maxillofacial anatomy.

Views Capability: CEPH lat; CEPH pa/ap; PAN with 3D slice navigation; TSA; axial; sagittal; coronal; 3D model; 1-click findings reports; implant-aligned; high-detail close-up.

Full Color Touchscreen

Integrated Head Positioner with forehead support, chinrest, and occlusal bite block

Field of view: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm

Footprint: 88” H x 53” W x 58” D

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