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Detailed information about specific GALILEOS topics of interest

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CBCT Guided Implant Surgery

Dr. Jay Reznick explains advancements in guided implant surgery with CEREC/GALILEOS integration, aiding in greater placement accuracy and stronger GP/specialist relationships.

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GALILEOS and the Financial Impact for Patients

Dr. Jay Reznick answers whether or not guided implant surgery is cost-effective for the dentist and the patient while making comparisons between freehand surgery and GALILEOS guided surgery.

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Custom-Milled Abutments

Dr. Tarun Agarwal describes the process for producing custom-milled abutments quickly and easily using Sirona’s proprietary scan-base technology and zirconia blocks with pre-drilled access holes.

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GALILEOS Comparative Radiation Dosimetry

Dr. Don Tyndall addresses the radiation risks for patients when using GALILEOS as compared to panoramic radiographs and full-mouth series.

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Dr. Neal Patel on GALILEOS and CEREC Integration

Neal Patel, DDS, demonstrates the advantages of the GALILEOS and CEREC integration on an Immediate Temporary Prosthetic Case

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GALILEOS and “The Simple Case”

Dr. Jay Reznick discusses the importance of using GALILEOS during a single-implant case for optimal workflow and placement accuracy.