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The GALILEOS FaceScanner uses safe, white LED light to capture a 3D image of the patient's face. The patient can identify much better with a facial image generated in this way than with an x-ray image, which helps promote even greater trust and treatment acceptance.

Treatment benefits of FaceScanner for GALILEOS:

  • No additional scan time is necessary: capture of the facial image and the x-ray are completed simultaneously and superimposed automatically
  • Questions can be more easily answered or clarified through doctor/patient co-diagnosis
  • Self-visualization allows patients to better understand treatment suggestions and to more readily accept them
  • Patients identify themselves more easily with a face scan than with an x-ray image

Safe, precise and easy-to-use

  • X-ray and facial image are scanned and superimposed simultaneously with exact precision for superior alignment
  • Integrated viewer software is easy to use
  • Easily exchange data with 3rd-party software (e.g., for orthodontic measurements)

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