Critical Case Studies

How GALILEOS excels in real-world applications

Dr. Neal Patel Live Surgery

In this case study Dr. Neal Patel demonstrates the CEREC Guide protocol for Guided Surgery. The video includes implant treatment planning, fabrication, milling and a live surgery.

Implant Case #7 - Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal discusses and details an anterior implant case using the immediate placement/immediate temporization technique, facilitated with a CEREC provisional. This case features CEREC/GALILEOS integration using the 3i surgical kit and SICAT for fully-guided placement of the implant.

Dr. Neal Patel reviews a CEREC/GALILEOS integration case

Dr. Neal Patel reviews a CEREC/GALILEOS integration case of a patient with a congenitally missing tooth. GALILEOS 3D imaging reveals some very interesting anatomical details, and the superimposition of CEREC surface data on top of the GALILEOS scan allows for true virtual planning of the case without having to do a diagnostic wax-up.

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SICAT by Jay B. Reznik, DMD, MD

An extraction case with immediate placement of provisional restoration using 3D Guided Surgery (GALILEOS, SICAT, and CEREC) by Jay B. Reznick, DMD, MD.

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Welcome to the GALILEOS revolution

Dr. Neal Patel, DDS, demonstrates the importance of improving 3D clinical workflow and efficiency with a live patient case, utilizing GALILEOS.

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Live case presentation utilizing the GALILEOS System

Dr. Jay Reznick, DMD, MD, and Dr. Neal Patel demonstrate the importance of positioning in a single tooth implant utilizing GALILEOS.